Txaa Ṅitkws Industrial Services – meaning “coming together” was formed through the relationship of AF Echo Bay and WB Melback to create an opportunity for Nisga’a partnered companies to work cohesively under one umbrella.

Txaa Ṅitkws services cater to our client’s business needs for business and/or market assessment and planning, project management, construction management, construction services. Txaa Ṅitkws works with communities existing partners to assist with capacity building, employment and economic stability.

Our experience has given us the privilege to work across almost every industry sector and successfully within the Nisga’a Nation, Txaa Ṅitkws secure government funding while playing an active role on the project planning and consulting of approved initiatives.

WB Melback is a Canadian Owned and operated company specializing in EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Contracting, Project Management) services, self-perform, construction, mechanical and maintenance services. WB Melback takes pride in the relationships they foster with Indigenous communities across Canada for economic stability through job creation, project ownership and sub-contracting opportunities.