The Strategic Service Partner

AF Echo Bay services cater to our clients business needs for business and / or market assessment and planning, project management, construction management, construction services. Our experience has given us the privilege to work across almost every industry sector and successfully Within the Nisga’a Nation, AF Echo Bay assists our clientele secure government funding while playing an active role on the project planning and consulting of the approved initiatives.

Together we can collaborate as a team to customize the best solution to fit your business and/or community needs.


Our Business Services Include:

  • Logging and Forestry
  • Biomass
  • Construction Management
  • Saw Mill Construction and Operation
  • Housing Opportunities
  • Retail Opportunities
  • Partnership
  • Business Planning
  • Business Consulting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Communication Strategies
  • Housing and Process Development
  • Process Assessment and Mapping
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning

Our Areas of Focus are In:

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  • Climate Change Planning and Coordinating
  • Local Employment and Training
  • Local Utilization of Services
  • Cultural Awareness Cultural Sensitivity
  • Cultural Wellness
  • Economic Development
  • Housing Management
  • Renewable Energy Planning
  • Waste Water Management